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What is Application Performance Management?
Jun 12, 2023


Application Performance Management tools are evolving                                                              
With the increased complexity of today’s modern applications and the growing need to deliver a near-flawless customer experience - traditional Application Performance Management (APM) solutions often fall short in delivering the visibility needed to fix problems before they impact the end user. Instead, APM solutions must evolve to include AIOps capabilities to spot anomalies earlier, predict behavior, and enable informed automatic corrective actions.
Ensure flawless user experiences with analytics-driven insights. DX Application Performance Management (formerly CA Application Performance Management or CA APM) is fully integrated with our AIOps solution to correlate and analyze data across users, applications, infrastructure, and network services, giving you real-time insight into the health of key business services.

 Eliminate alert fatigue with automated root cause analysis.
DX APM uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically identify the probable cause of an issue – helping to reduce false alerts so you’ll only get alerted when the problem is real. Learn more about our AI and machine learning capabilities.

Discover, trace, and diagnose application performance issues. Diagnose the exact cause of performance issues before production in your APIs, transactions, code, and database calls. See how any topology, attribute, or code change impacts application performance and track back with Timelines to reveal when and why performance changed.
Automatically detect anomalies, gather evidence, and streamline support workflows with the powerful Assisted Triage. Gain real-time insight into digital performance, user experience and behavior.                              

Get unmatched visibility into performance and user experience across digital channels with  user journey analysis, waterfall charts, session replay, heatmaps and drop off rates so you can optimize your app and deliver the experience your users expect.
Gain a 360-degree view of user experience and app usage through funnel analysis and user journey analytics
Get real-time insights into performance by device type, app version, and location, provides code-level visibility into problematic sessions and crashes to speed triage, enhance application development based on real user session and usage data.


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