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IT Workload Automation
Self-Service Automation
Self-Service Automation let you provide self-services for Dev and Business users and integrates with all major infrastructure and cloud. With the seamless integration in your service desk or your ITSM tool, it enables a full-automated delivery of your services and reduces the number of tickets. With “Automation-As-Code” as one of the key components, you empower the “shift-left” method in your enterprise. This approach integrates existing DevOps toolchains and allows higher speed and quality in development, and more flexibility for operations in digital business automation and service delivery.
IT Process Flow Automation
IT process flow automation allows you to harvest the knowledge contained in your IT workflows to improve your understanding of the complex interdependencies that support your business operations. It automatically documents IT operations processes in real time, providing a fully documented repository of all production processes. Information is updated on an ongoing basis, so that it is completely up to date, even for changes made on the fly. Available in multiple formats, including HTML and PDF, the generated documentation is fully standardized so that it can easily be shared across teams.
Disaster Recovery Automation
Cost-effective and all-embracing IT automation of disaster recovery solutions is crucial to many. You need a technology powerful enough to cover many different scenarios, yet easy to apply. Automation Anywhere gives users the resources to quickly and reliably automate practically any IT process. It also has a wide range of functions built in. These functions range over the macro recorder to immediately record and script any IT-based recovery procedure, networking protocols to monitor and interact with remote machines, and communications solutions to contact IT staff with a report of the incident that occurred and the action that was taken.
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