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CONTROL-M Automation
Feb 26, 2024

Control-M is a workload automation software produced by BMC Software. It is designed to simplify and automate diverse batch application workloads, thereby streamlining the process of managing and monitoring batch jobs across various platforms and applications.

Key features of Control-M include:
Job Scheduling:
  • Users can define, schedule, and manage batch jobs across different systems and applications from a centralized interface.
Dependency Management:
  • Control-M can handle complex dependencies between jobs, ensuring that tasks are executed in the correct order and according to specific criteria.
Workflow Automation: 
  • It enables the creation of intricate workflows, where multiple jobs can be linked together to form a coherent process flow.
Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Control-M provides real-time monitoring of job execution and offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to track job performance and status.

  • It integrates with various enterprise systems, databases, and applications, allowing seamless orchestration of workflows across heterogeneous environments.
Predictive Analytics:
  •  Control-M uses predictive analytics to forecast job run times and resource utilization, helping organizations optimize workload execution and resource allocation.
Self-Service Capabilities:
  • Some versions of Control-M offer self-service portals, allowing end-users to submit and monitor their own batch jobs within defined parameters.
 Control-M serves as a powerful tool for IT operations teams to efficiently manage batch processing tasks, reduce manual intervention, improve job performance, and enhance overall operational efficiency within the enterprise.

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