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Test Data Manager
Aug 14, 2023

Test Data Manager provides the capability to quickly locate, secure, design, create and provision ‘fit for purpose test data for the efficient, cost-effective test cycles needed to deliver applications faster. Test Data Manager can also enhance the quality of production data, by filling gaps in test data coverage, creating all the data needed to fully cover continuous testing requirements. Using innovative functionality to find and match data to the specific tests it can run, and provision it automatically on demand and in parallel, some organizations have reported a 90-95% reduction in the time taken to provision high quality test data. Test Data Manager helps ensure that teams receive the ‘right’ data, in the ‘right’ place, at the ‘right’ time to speed up the delivery of quality in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and also to increase compliance through synthetic data creation.

Test Data Manager helps you address data privacy and compliance Issues as they relate compliance regulations and your corporate mandates. The TDM Discovery and Profiling feature provides the ability to identify personally identifiable information (PII) across multiple data sources.

A heat map displays PII data and classifies it according to severity levels. Test data engineers and compliance officers can review and tag the Data for further mitigation. Comprehensive reports can be generated in PDF format to demonstrate compliance to anyone interested.

Combine powerful synthetic data generation with sophisticated coverage analysis to create the smallest set of data needed for comprehensive testing. It can also create future scenarios and unexpected results to test boundary conditions and avoid costly delays. 

Centrally store data as a reusable asset that can be received in minutes, cloned as it’s provisioned and matched to the exact tests it can run. Rules and data models are also centrally stored, avoiding repeated effort and maximizing the value of work done.

Quickly create virtual copies of test data on-demand to give each tester their own test data. This approach dramatically reduces data volumes, test durations and costs - enabling dev and test teams to deliver better applications to market faster, for less.

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