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Digitization with Proztec
Dec 15, 2020

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Digitization with PROZTEC

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Absolute Trust Secure, Simple & Seamless Digitization Services

Digitization is nothing new, but the pace of change is accelerating. People are now accustomed to banking online—and on the move—whilst coins, notes and PIN-based transactions are beginning to be replaced by contactless payments using cards or even mobile phones. However, this transformation of the way individuals and businesses manage their day-to-day finances has yet to be matched by similar advances across the corporate ecosystem.

Fuel Agility In Your Business With
End-To-End Digitization

Proztec has been providing document digitization services to a wealth of government entities and corporate organizations throughout Qatar in alliance with Malomatia. Our strong collaborative relationships with leading global IT technology vendors and service providers, industry specific knowledge and trusted reputation offer you a business partnership you can rely upon. Our vast numbers of experienced resources well versed in the process of digitization as a whole can be deployed on a moment’s notice, this includes Preparation, Scanning, Indexing and Documentation, which is all done by professional resources. 

Save Time, Money & Improve Customer Relationships

The challenge is to deliver the advantages of speed, efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness whilst maintaining, or even improving, levels of security and trust for all paperless purposes. Digitization integrates conventional records or files into a digitalized form, eliminating redundancies and shortening of communications chain. 

With over 8 years of experience & proven track record of innovation, Proztec has the expertise and technology to help you implement seamless digitization solutions & to give you the opportunity to innovate and grow new revenue streams within a very nominal investment. 

Streamline Processes & Improve Security

Proztec also invests in digital transformation services and builds innovative solutions & Services such as:

• IT map & portfolio rationalization

• Enterprise architecture and planning

• Application portfolio management

• Enterprise security architecture

Proztec is the leading technical and professional support services provider in the region. We have subject matter experts in heterogeneous domains of IT. Our technical support services are being utilized by different IT industries in the region. Our support services include analysis, solution design, implementation & training. 

However our solutions are always designed to integrate with existing technologies & every element that Proztec designs is built around proven assets and is compliant with industry standards, giving it the solid foundation upon which to customize specific applications, creating a solution that can scale to any size of deployment.  We are a ISO: 9001 & ISO: 27001 certified company. 

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