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Healthcare | ProzTech


We help you quickly roll out new healthcare solutions that improve quality of services to patients, seamlessly integrate with complex systems, comply with regulations, and reduce costs. We also help you re-engineer your existing healthcare systems to adopt latest technologies and industry best practices.

Rapid advancements in healthcare information technology and heavy investments from government and private players makes the healthcare industry one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in the world. This speedy evolution offers huge potential to those who can offer innovative services that address key challenges like rising patient expectations, stricter government regulations, demand for lower healthcare costs and faster time-to-market.

We serve a substantial number of global healthcare customers. We have comprehensive presence in the healthcare industry with experience across a large network of healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies. Whether you are a healthcare player or healthcare ISV, we can help you address the above mentioned challenges effectively.  Our healthcare practice is HIPAA compliant.

We help you develop custom healthcare solutions to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your healthcare services. We provide integration services to address interoperability issues and improve existing processes. Our services also include implementation and on-going maintenance of various healthcare systems.

Our healthcare services portfolio includes:

  • Healthcare Information Systems
    • Professional services
    • Consumer services
    • Private portals
    • Promotional services
  • Providers
    • Claims Submission
    • Case Management
    • Patient Flow Mgt.
    • Patient Accounting
    • EHR / DMR
  • Payers
    • Enrollment
    • Plans
    • Claims processing
    • Adjudication
    • Remittance / Reimbursement
    • Audit / Compliance
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Clinical Trials
    • Advocacy
    • Patient Support
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