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Maintenance and Support | ProzTech

Maintenance and Support

We offer extensive maintenance and support services for your software systems to ensure business continuity and end-user satisfaction.  We maintain, overhaul and reengineer software to fix errors, optimize performance and enhance functionality.  Our round-the-clock support services guarantee software availability and improve productivity.

Ongoing support, management and enhancement of an organization’s products and applications are inevitable for its evolution. To keep their product and application portfolio up to the mark, organizations need to take into consideration many challenges, such as, the requirement of specific technical expertise, business continuity, end-user satisfaction and total cost of ownership, to name a few.

Proztech provides comprehensive maintenance and support services enabling clients to economically manage complex products and applications while focusing on their core business. We service products and applications of varying complexities and handle responsibilities throughout their life cycle, from managing and overhaul, to reengineering. This is backed by our experience in multiple technologies and domains, strength in remote delivery and process maturity.

Our maintenance and support services include:

  • Product and Application Maintenance
    • Upgrades, enhancements and customization
    • QA / Testing
    • Release management
    • Database maintenance and purging
    • Performance tuning and management
    • Security management
  • Product and Application Re-engineering
    • Web enablement
    • Mobile enablement (across multiple platforms)
  • Technical Documentation
    • Technical documentation with end-to-end traceability
  • Help Desk Services
    • 24×7 L1, L2 support services
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