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Green IT | ProzTech

Green IT

Proztec offers a commercial solution for the recycling of business related Computer and Telecoms waste . We offer a highly skilled service that physically processes both hazardous and non-hazardous IT waste in-house with zero impact upon the environment. The extensive I.T disposal service offers a reliable, highly secure and comprehensive solution for businesses and is the trusted partner of many Blue Chip, Corporate and SME clients.

The IT disposal service accepts all forms of waste hardware, no matter the age, condition or volumes concerned. We collect redundant equipment throughout mainland. Full treatment of all WEEE is carried out at our waste management facility.

Proztec offers industry leading Data Destruction solutions for businesses, Local Government and Educational establishments including:

  • In-House granulation of optical media to 5mm
  • In-House granulation of Solid State media to 5mm
  • Shredding of Magnetic Media
  • Manual dis-assembly and shredding of Hard Disk drives

Our service offers full certification as part of the data destruction process, including a breakdown of media destroyed, consisting of make, model, serial number and method of destruction.

We provide a professional approach that Collects and Processes all obsolete, defective or unwanted hardware . Our service incorporates:

  • Waste Management Licenced facility
  • Security Conscious Solutions.
  • Ethical Service with no third parties involved.
  • Personnel with professional qualifications in Waste Management and I.T.
  • Experienced in-house Computer Disposal Service.
  • Non Export of WEEE or EEE.

Proztec consigns all computer wastes from clients in full accordance with the WEEE directive and other legislation, allowing them to Discharge their Duty of Care with our ICT disposal process. Our service provides hazardous waste consignment notices, duty of care notes and offers clients traceability* solutions, meeting the needs of many Quality Assurance systems. An audit-able trail is available as part of the disposal process including:

  • The provision of certification
  • Reporting of volumes and outputs from our facility
  • Reporting of Hazardous Wastes treated.
  • Provision of WEEE Certificates where required

Green technology - Proztec is all set to launch three new products for reduction in power consumption and productivity enhancement. We are sure these products will help bring down the demand for power and increase productivity.

infraSECURE helps in reducing the carbon footprint of companies who have a large number of desktop computers in their enterprise.  infraSECURE complements Desktop management with its features on infrastructure management, like instant-audit asset management, intrusion detection, license metering, license compliance toolset and a host of desktop management tools.

NUCLEUS helps in building a knowledge portal to help in the learning, evaluation, training and feedback.   It also becomes a central point of your knowledge repository, for the domain of your interest or your products/services.   NUCLEUS provides a enterprise framework and adopts to various environments,  facilitating the talent transformation process.

STREAM uses a well-researched mechanism to help in the assimilation of inputs related to resource and time utilization. As the root cause of delays in Projects are usually attributed to improper time and resource management, information on utilization trends, what were the lacunas, are important considerations to derive Business Intelligence.

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